In all my years in the reservation school system, I was never taught how to write poetry, short stories, or novels.” Since Alexie was never taught english and grammar, he wants to help other kids know. He wants to break down their doors since his were not broken down…. He was a young boy that lived in poverty on an Indian reservation where Indians were derided for being educated. He states that “Indian children were expected to fail in the non-Indian world” . His parents would be considered poor in most western standards, but to reservation standards they were a middle-class family.

sherman alexie superman and me full text

Analyzes how alexie emphasizes the catastrophe caused by alcoholism on the reservation in “every little hurricane”. Opines that how to introduce quote it is not a good attitude for students, authors, and anyone else to use something misappropriated that they didn’t belong it.

Superman & Me

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  1. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, in which he chronicled his complicated relationship with his mother.
  2. In Sherman Alexie’s “Superman & Me”, Alexie begins his story by introducing how he learned to read, by using a Superman comic.
  3. Before he could read words he was able to review his father’s books and distinguish what a paragraph was.
  4. Analyzes how uses parallel structure to express a stereotype against american indians and what they can achieve.
  5. Sherman Alexia wrote about how Superman broke down doors and he used that as a metaphor for him teaching himself how to read (pg. 4).
  6. Together they combined to form a cohesive “essay” or family history and the dynamic of their relationships.

Analyzes how alexie learned to read with a superman comic book, and how he taught himself about paragraphs and the real world. Sherman Alexia wrote about how Superman broke down doors and he used that as a metaphor for him teaching himself how to read (pg. 4). In the essay “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, the author, a Native American from the Spokane Indian Reservation in eastern Washington, writes that he learned to read by reading a Superman comic. He gives an example of one of the comic panels in which Superman is shattering a door, and he imagines what is written in the caption and what Superman must be saying.


Explains that sherman alexie and i both saw the problems we would be faced with, but unlike their peers we chose to put ourselves in a position of extraordinary success instead of mediocrity. Analyzes how alexie discovers his interest in books at an early age through imagery through the line “our house was filled with books. they were stacked in crazy piles in the bathroom, bedrooms, and living room.” Describes how sherman alexie sets an example of positive mindset to help us not have a negative mindset and bring kids down.

sherman alexie superman and me full text

Being intelligent in this example was wrong, wasn’t the normal standard for an Indian boy. Their reservations view was that they couldn’t do better, couldn’t exceed higher expectations. American students should be devoted to succeeding better than the typical stereotype society has on individuals. Devotion takes time and patience, but taking the time to commit to succeeded will prove to be that best option in the long run.

Comparing King’s Essay, The Joy Of Reading And Writing

Superman and the author have had a strong connection for a long time. When Sherman Alexie was three years old, he picked up a Superman comic while lying in the floor. Alexie’s dad always brought home books all the time, so Alexie read all the time. Superman and the author have always been together through Alexie’s childhood, school days, and adulthood. In Alexie’s childhood he was teased for being an indian child so he decided to stand out from the rest. “ I learned to read with a Superman comic.” This explains that Alexie was a young prodigy in school while others struggled.

After they learned to read and write they wrote for many reasons and about many topics. When reading these two essays, you can see that there are many things that are significantly the same as well as having some differences all throughout the text.

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Explains that alexie was an intelligent person and made hard work when he was young. argumentative essay definition Many people read his article and it is so amazing because it hesitated him.

sherman alexie superman and me full text

Opines that sherman alexie is a voice for not only indians, but minorities too. They are destined to fall short of what whites can do and accomplish. Analyzes how sherman alexie uses diction, specific language and style that expresses the subject of the essay, to add emotion to the story and make the audience feel for him.

‘Superman And Me’ By Sherman Alex

Analyzes how the title of the short story, “this is what it means to say phoenix, arizona,” suggests that a character in the story would experience rebirth. Analyzes how alexie faces discrimination from white people, who he portrays as evil in every way to show that his childhood was filled with anger, fear, and sorrow. He felt hatred towards his teacher and learned to always throw the first punch when living in the white world. Analyzes how victor felt hatred from the white people when his teacher made him stand with his text books in his hands for fifteen minutes.

Alexie “read books late into the night” until he “could barely keep” his “eyes open. The relationship between Alexie and literature was so powerful that it was like paper and glue stuck to each other. His emotion tells the reader about how reading could influence the reader and Sherman Alexie is a victim of that influence. Sherman Alexie taught himself to read using a Superman comic book. He writes about not understanding how to introduce quotations the narrations that went along with the pictures but using his imagination to create his own dialogue for the story. He also writes about Superman breaking down doors and also uses that as a metaphor for his experience in teaching himself to read. Explains that a smart indian is dangerous because they can find out how unfair society is to the native americans through reading articles, media, and other important documents.

Native American Stereotypes

He explained that his family existed as a separate paragraph, but he can still connect some ideas to link them. Well known author and journalist, how to write commentary in an argumentative essay George Orwell, in his essay, Shooting an Elephant, describes his experiences as a Policeman in Moulmein, Burma during European Imperialism.

Analyzes how alexie overcame the stereotype of not being intelligent, but strange, and pursued his own interests in reading and writing at a young age. Analyzes how sherman alexie’s passion in reading helped him rise against discrimination and be accepted by the majority. Analyzes how alexie grabs the emotions of his audience right from the start. He talks about his father and how he developed a love for reading. It is absolutely clear that you feel sad when somebody cheated and duplicate your own things. This causes many people to feel frustration and getting upset when they are facing this difficult situation. We know it is not a good attitude for students, authors, and anyone else to use something misappropriate that they didn’t belong it.

E B. White’sSuperman And Me, And Once More To The Lake

Aloud, I pretend to read the words and say, “Superman is breaking down the door.” Our reservation was a small paragraph within the United States. The words inside a paragraph worked together for a common purpose. I didn’t have the vocabulary to say “paragraph,” but I realized that a paragraph was a fence that held words.

Analyzes how alexie showed his pride for his indian background to his missionary teacher betty towle, who was being racist to him. She punished him by standing straight for fifteen minutes and eagle-arm with books in each hand. Explains that sherman alexie pushed towards what he really wanted, even though there were odds against him. Blasphemy collected new and previously published short stories. Alexie also contributed writing on a variety of subjects to the Seattle weekly The Stranger. There are many examples on ways that people react to fear irrationally.

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